Chiropractic Services

Dr. Stephen Karpuk, B.Sc., DC, Owner

Dr. Stephen Karpuk graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (2003). A longtime resident of Kamloops, he graduated from Kamloops Senior Secondary (1987) and the University College of the Cariboo (UBC B.Sc. 1994).   Dr. Karpuk spent many years in the Forest Sector.  He has also pursued his Master’s degree at SFU in the School of Resource and Environmental Management, in field of forest ecology and planning.

Dr. Karpuk opened Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic in October 2003. He was pleased to be joined in practice by his longtime Chiropractor, Dr. David MacIntosh (retired 2006). Dr. Karpuk is a strong believer in evidence-based practice and strives to meet the needs of his patients by diagnosing their complaint(s) and creating a plan of management that addresses the active and passive components required to assist the patient in achieving their health care goals.

Dr. Karpuk brings a strong educational focus to his practice and patients. Dr. Karpuk believes it is important that patients understand what ails them, how they can help themselves and what treatment options exist for their health concerns. A favorite quote of his is, “An educated consumer of health services will usually make better health care choices than an uneducated consumer.” Dr. Karpuk enjoys lots of challenges and anything that keeps him busy, including spending time with his wife and three children.

Dr. Karpuk using mainly traditional Chiropractic hands-on techniques to adjust his patients, but also utilizes some soft tissue therapies, electrotherapies, and drop pieces.  He has many years experience with treating shoulders (including rotator cuff), hand and arms complaints, plus knee, foot and ankle problems (including plantar fasciitis, heel spur pain, Achilles tendonitis, and shin splints).

He is a member of the BC and Canadian Chiropractic Association.

Charter member of the Rotary Club of Kamloops Aurora Centennial.

Registered Massage Therapists

Matthew McDonald

Matt has recently moved back to his hometown of Kamloops after graduating from OVCMT in Vernon, and is looking forward to working with the community he grew up in. Before becoming a licensed RMT, Matt spent years working throughout the Okanagan at several locations as a First Aid responder, including NRI, Costco and Savona Specialty Plywood.

Seeing the effects of various injuries and always curious about the rehabilitation aspect of healthcare, it wasn’t long before he left for Vernon to start his new career. Treatment wise, Matt uses a wide array of modalities including myofascial release, Swedish massage, deep tissue, joint mobilizations, etc. A firm believer in education assisted healing, he takes the time to explain to each client the reasons behind their pain, some likely causes and how the treatments and suggested home care exercises will help improve their quality of life.

“It’s not enough to treat the pain; if it keeps coming back, that’s not a solution. We also need to find the cause, why it persists, and address the full picture to get true results that’ll last.”

Happy to accept all clients whether familiar with massage, or brand new to it, he takes the time to explain the treatment process to everyone, ICBC and WorkSafe claim included.

When not in the clinic Matt can be found enjoying the sunshine with a book, going for a hike or at the gym.

RMT Matt MacDonald is still accepting new patients at this time, Call today for an appointment.

Haley Glendinning

Haley was born and raised in Kamloops and is excited to be in her hometown to start her RMT practice. Haley earned her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia where she played varsity rugby for 4 years, as well as club rugby and provincially on the BC Senior Women’s rugby team. Retiring in 2017, she continued to be involved in the sport on the managerial side through various levels of play.
Haley chose to relocate to the interior after living on the coast for 7 years and graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) in August 2020. Her approach to treatment utilizes trigger point release, neuromuscular therapies and joint mobilizations guided by postural assessment and patient-centred care.

In her spare time, she enjoys exploring local trails with friends and spending time with family.

Haley is not currently accepting new patients.

Jesse Leech

Jesse graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon, in November of 2018 and is happy to be back in his hometown of Kamloops, BC. Fresh out of high school Jesse worked in construction, working for 6 years which taught him valuable lessons, such as the benefits of massage on aches and pains. Through his experiences with massage, he decided to pursue a career as an RMT.

Through schooling, Jesse was taught a wide variety of techniques such as; Myo-Fascial release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilizations, Mechanical Treatment, Reflexive Treatment and Deep Tissue Massage. He believes in having a strong home-care regime that involves; Postural Corrections, Stretching, Strengthening Exercises and some Heat or Cool Therapy to aid in the recovery of the clients.

When he’s not treating clients you can find Jesse out at one of the many lakes Kamloops has to offer either swimming, fishing, 4x4ing, or getting any other type of fresh air therapy into his day.

Jesse Leech is accepting new patients, Call today for an appointment.


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