Our Services

Dr. Karpuk uses a variety of treatment techniques, including Diversified (most common manual hands-on adjusting), Drop piece adjustments, standing or seated adjustments, Motion palpation techniques, and a few others. We have a variety of treatment tables that helps us help our patients regardless of how bent out shape they actually are.  Beside the regular aches and pains related to life and work, Dr. Karpuk also treats ICBC and WorkSafe related injuries. Dr. Karpuk also deals with extremity concerns including, the Rotator Cuff, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, golf injuries, and many others.  Call if you are wondering if he can help you.

Motor vehicle accidents are unfortunate, especially if you are in one. Call us today and let us help you recover from your crash. We have helped many people recover and regain their health after these unfortunate events. From straightening you out and helping you with an active rehab plan, we can usually help you feel better and get back to normal again. Lastly, consider speaking with a personal injury lawyer if you have questions about your claim, they are the experts and many offer a free consultation.

Ask us about our ICBC treatment program where the paperwork is done by us and you just worry about getting better. Injuries at work are not usually planned, but if you experience one, plan on us helping you get better. We have helped many with their WorkSafe BC claims. No referral required, just call us and let us help you get better.

At Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic we can also help with nutrition, exercise programs, wellness, ergonomic information, foot or arm pains. Yes we adjust feet too! And of we can always straighten you out if needed. Dr. Karpuk can often help you with those foot, ankle and leg pains pains.

Adjustments to your feet, and yes we can adjust feet and ankles and strengthening programs can be quite effective at fixing problems with plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, shin splints, sprained ankles, achilles tendoniitis and a many other problems. We don’t sell orthotics, but we can often correct the problems that cause you pain. Call us today and let us help you feel better.

We do not take x-rays at our office. The BC Medical Services Plan does not permit Chiropractors to bill for these services so we usually refer our patients to their family MD for this work and request copies and reports after the work-up is done.

Dr. Karpuk has done and does provide the following services outside the office:

  • Community health talks on a variety of subjects, usually for little to no fee for not-for-profit groups or clubs.
  • Ergonomic assessments for individuals or groups including site visits. We have done many site visits and assessments for the Government of Canada, Banks, and professional offices. We try to provide cost effective suggestions and solutions plus encourage the employee to take ownership of their health concerns as a means to resolving the perceived problems. We also can provide group ergonomic classes at a workplace to address larger office concerns on posture, self help and overall health in the workplace. Call us for a price and to book a site visit 250-372-2002.


Registered Massage Therapy

imgOur Registered Massage Therapists will be happy to help with any massage therapy needs you may have.   New patients are welcome so call us to get your massage appointment.